Replacing the Bearings in my Harris Hydro trubine

Living off grid comes with lots of regularly-scheduled maintenance. Things you wouldn't even think about need attention at short and long intervals; this is a perfect example.

A job I've been putting off for some time is replacing the worn-out bearings in my hydro generator. Part of this was the worry about not knowing how it would all come apart and go back together, since the downtime is tough to live with.

I finally invested an afternoon in this critical service and captured my efforts for anyone else needing to see how it works ahead of time.

The most crucial piece of information I couldn't find online, or even get from the manufacturer by email, is the exact size of the cartridge bearing in the bottom of the alternator. This meant I couldn't source one ahead of time and ran the risk of having the turbine offline while waiting for a special order size. For my Harris Stator LF-570 I needed a 6203D, which they luckily had in stock at my local auto parts place.

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