About this Website

Good course publishing is hard to come by

A Need

Course publishing is a funny business. There is a dearth of tools available for disseminating educational material. Occasionally when seeking materials for a lesson or unit one might come across someone using Wordpress or Google Docs to altruistically publish their work, but on a whole, well-formatted material is rare.

Since teaching is a field moving at the speed of darkness away from overflowing three-ring binders of acetate overheads, the need seemed apparent for an online publishing tool specifically for courses in the format used at North American schools and universities.

A Solution

This website is the genesis of what author Evan Sharp hopes will become a course-specific CMS. The project does not yet have a name.

The website is written in PHP atop the Flight micro-framework by Mike Cao. Content is written in raw HTML (something Evan has never minded reading or writing) but loaded a little more dynamically than it sounds. The design is a tweaked version of Yahoo's Pure css framework; a fact that Evan is surprised, delighted, and annoyed by.

If there ever is a formal release, some things it could include are:

  • Database-driven content storage, obviously.
  • WYSIWYG content editing, also obviously.
  • Content templates to cut down lesson plan formatting time.
  • Internal media storage and management tools, maybe; hotlinking is pretty allowed these days.
  • External link and embedded content management; we're all using YouTube in class, let's make it easy folks.

Eventually it will probably end up on Github, but if you have any questions in the meantime, get in touch.