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A Certified Teacher in British Columbia and Ontario, I am a dynamic, qualified, and resourceful instructor with diverse experiences and a passion for teaching.
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Professional Philosophy

Growing up in a world where the answer to any question is only a Google Search away is different from any other adolescence. From before they comprehend language, children today are exposed to technology and a pace of life that we as adults are still coming to grips with and are struggling to understand and control. Though the learning resources at our personal disposal surpass even the wildest fiction of generations past, never before has the teacher had such a crucial role in the growth of young people into capable, successful, and happy adults...



Example Activity Design: History Placemat

Incorporating the 'Big Six' principals of Historical Thinking, this activity placemat is a great example of my instructional design skills. The intended class is Grade 12 Workplace Preparation History (Ontario); focus skills are literacy, critical thinking, and observing perspectives and contexts.

history placemat activity

What's Been Said

Testimonials and feedback written by mentors and instructors who have observed me teaching.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor & Cultural Education

24 hr solo mountain bike racing

Mountain Bike Racing

Professional Development

Example Lesson Design: 'Computational Thinking'

As part of a volunteer teaching opportunity at Coast Mountain Academy, I developed a series of lessons for Grade 8 students to begin an IT unit. This example is the first of these, in which students were introduced to the concept of formalized problem solving.

IT8 Lesson Plan
ice climbing

Ice Climbing

Curriculum Vitae

Ringette Canada Official & Evaluator

Ringette Official & Evaluator

Example Course Design: Humanities 10

Grade 10 English and Socials Course