Team Coach

Sharing my athletic passions with students is one of the reasons I became a teacher. Inspiring young people to become life-long athletes by encouraging and facilitating their sports development at school is part of the role I play in the school community.

I've coached teams and student-athletes in Mountain Biking, Ultimate, and Track & Field. I myself have been a sponsored mountain bike racer and CIS-ranked varsity track athlete (U of Waterloo). Skills transfer, however, and the encourgement, modelling, and team-building role is the same across all sports.

Club Advisor

Supervising clubs is a way to share diverse interests with students and connect with those I might not get to through athletics.

I've been grateful to be the faculty-advisor for a wide range of clubs that offer structured learning opportunities beyond the curriculum: Model UN, Latin, 3D Printing, and PC Gaming just to name a few.


Either through a formalized school structure or informally over years, mentoring students through their senior years and university transition is a role I've come to respect for it's powerful impact on students' lives.

One of the highest compliments I receieve from students is a visit once they've graduated; making time to see me when returning to the school to thank me 'for eveything'.